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Super-Light E-150

Super-Light E-150


・Fluorescent penetrant testing is possible carried out even under (brightness of the plant in
 general) a bright environment of 100-200 lux (4000μW/cm² in case of 100 lux, 5000μW/cm² in
 case of 150 lux,6000μW/cm2 in case of 200 lux)

・By light control function, it offers an intensity of 5000μW/cm²
 and keeps it for about 3000 hours at 800mm off the filter.


For fluorescent penetrant testing
・Fluorescent penetrant testing for iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, automobile, aircraft, etc,
 and for fluorescent magnetic particle testing.

Contamination check
・Flux of electronic components and board, contamination check, and check of LCD Panels,
 Check of while entering a clean room.

Leak inspection
・Oil leak check of hydraulic equipment, tank and piping, etc,
 Water leak check by using fluorescent material.

Confirmation of Degreasing effect
・Food service industry・Kitchen facilities・Degreasing of tableware

Product Specification

Main Equipment
Electric power AC200V±10%, 50/60Hz
Lamp 1,500W metal halide lamp
UV intensity At 800mm off the filter :8,400μW/cm2(Reference value)
Dimension Lamp body:420W x 315D x 235H mm, approx.15.0kg
Stabilizer:440W x 125D x 140H mm, 23.0kg

UV radiation distribution (Ex.)


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