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Super-Light ML-7

Super-Light ML-7


・Illuminates over a wide horizontal area.
 Perfect for testing long materials and shaft products.

・Employs a unique lens structure utilizing three UV-LEDs.
 Reduces running costs compared to existing products.

・Includes a UV light-dimming function.
 UV strength can beadjusted to match the conditions of individual testing areas.


Fluorescent PT and MPT
・For steel, non-ferrous materials, automobile, aircraft etc.

Contamination check
・For electronics parts, PCB, LCD panels etc.

Leak check
・For hydraulic devices, tanks, pipes etc.

Cleaning check

Visible light cut filter (Standard composition)

  • Suppresses visible light reflection from the specimen observation surface to achieve a high-contrast indication pattern.
  • Improves working environment, reduces operator's risk of missing flaws and eye strain

Results of Penetrant Testing (Ni-Cr Coating crack specimen)

With filter

Without filter

Product Specification

Input voltage AC100V - AC240V±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 100W or less
UV light source UV-LED : 3 EA
(not compatible with the LED light sources of Marktec Super-Light D-10L/D-40L/E-40L)
UV lntensity Central UV intensity : Over 4,000μW/cm2
(Irradiation distance : 600mm)
Main path wavelength 365nm ±5nm (LED light source nominal value)
Lifetime of UV light source Approx. 13,000 hours (not guaranteed)
Dimmer function UV intensity control become possible (0~100%)
Combination pitch 600mm (recommended)
Usage environment Ambient temperatures:5 - 40°C
Relative humidity:20 - 80% (with no condensation)
Dimension/weight 592W x 209D x 270H mm, Approx. 8.0kg
Error indication When the cooling fan is stopped, Buzzer and alarm will start to work
External control ON/OFF function

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