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Technology Acquisition

I’m going to retire soon.However, there are no business successors in sight... If it remains like this, I will have to shut down the business.

"There are no individuals available that can carry on the business."
More than 60% of those 60 and over who run a Japanese small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB) are said to have no successor.

Our group is working on a strategic business model for this issue that involves the creation of a technology acquisition business, in which we utilize capital, business, and technological alliances to acquire small- and mid-sized manufacturers with technical capabilities related to quality assurance.
We are aiming to both safeguard employment for small- and mid-sized manufacturers who lack successors and are faced with closure despite possessing technical capabilities, and pass on our own technology and businesses and ensure we leave our mark on future generations.

We will provide full support from both sales and production by placing the excellent and valuable technologies possessed by SMBs in to our overseas deployment channels.

[Issue] Lack of Successors in SMBs

Case Study

First case (acquired as wholly owned subsidiary on August 10, 2018)
Company name Honda Dynamics Corporation
Date established December 1978
Address 541-0053 Honmachi Business Building, 3-6, Honmachi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Details of business Various environmental testing equipment for construction materials and automobiles
Manufacturing and selling of wind tunnel facilities

Example of Our Successes

  • 1. Increasing of sales channels

    Sales activities were restricted due to the limited number of sales staff.
    MARKTEC Group sales staff also referred Honda Industry products.
    Sales promotion activities are being made to domestic and overseas manufacturers.
  • 2. Succession of technologies

    They had vastly experienced, talented engineers, but they had no young engineers.
    We dispatched young engineers from MARKTEC to carry on the skills of the experienced engineers.
  • 3. Increase in credibility

    Due to the size of the company, an agreement was made with a trading company sandwiched in the middle.
    By being involved with the MARKTEC Group, agreements are being made directly with the customers.
Second case (acquired as wholly owned subsidiary on March 31, 2020)

Date established December 1981
Address 131-0031  8-7, Sumida 4-chome, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Details of business Wind Tunnel Equipment and Peripherals
Measurement Systems
Maintenance/Renovation for Existing Wind Tunnels
"Building and Geo Models" for Experimental-use