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Super Magna LY-10 sol

Super Magna LY-10 sol


・Highly sensitive fluorescent magnetic particles ensure clear indication of flaws.
・The density of the magnetic particle solution has been optimized in advance.
・The airtight container means the magnetic particle density will not change.


Aerosol type fluorescent magnetic particle

Product Specification

Fluorescent factor (cd/W) Particle size(μm) Quantity contained Charged gas
Oil base 5.4±10% 10 to 15 2.00g/L LPG
Solvent base 5.4±10% 10 to 15 1.50g/L LPG
Water base 8.2±10% 10 to 15 0.75g/L DME/CO2
(1)Evaluation by fluorescent factor (cd/W) Fluorescent factor = Brightness/UV intensity
(2)Though the undiluted solution is nonhazardous, this product is regarded as a hazardous substance during transportation because it is an aerosol.


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