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High-Output X-Ray CT System

High-Output X-Ray CT System


• Equipped with a high-output X-ray tube with a maximum output of 450 kV/15 mA
• Can generate low-noise CT images with fan beam CT
• Achieves high-speed CT imaging with optional cone beam CT
• Enables noiseless imaging even with composite products, such as products made of resin and metal, with a 16-bit line sensor


• Inspection of internal defects
• Thickness analysis

Product Specification

Example of CT system functions : Defect analysis

As CT possesses X, Y, and Z coordinate information, defects can also be displayed by volume.
The size of any defects is also displayed as a color map, and the distribution of defects in the workpiece can be observed intuitively.

Example of CT system functions : Coordinate measurement

For a conical or cylindrical workpiece, the deviation between axes at the center of any space can be calculated automatically.
The High-Output X-Ray CT System can also take various measurements such those of distance, angle, roundness, coaxiality, diameter, parallelism, and flatness.

The basis of measuring is the surface accuracy of the material, and the following two points are points that improve the accuracy of measurements:
1. Sufficient permeability (450 kV or more)
2. An LDA sensor (X-ray receiver) that does not cause distortion in the image *Line detector

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