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Ultrasonic Inspection System Ultrasonic Inspection System

Ultrasonic Inspection System


There are various choices available to meet your needs.

Selection example
・ Portable type with excellent portability / operability: IPX6 compatible
・ Automatic ultrasonic inspection system optimized for each part to be inspected


・ Manual flaw detection of parts / structures
・ Automatic flaw detection of various parts

Product Specification

Digital Ultrasonic Test Instrument

The 6.5 ”high-brightness LCD ensures waveform recognition in fine weather outdoors.
Easy data storage to PC using USB memory.
Adjustable to an easy-to-see angle by the stepless stand.
Convenient to carry with the upper hand strap.(Option)
UI-S9 adopts lithium ion battery.
(Continuous operation about 8 hours)

Application example of digital ultrasonic flaw detector
(Usage example of UI series products)
Material flaw detection Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing to Detect Internal Defects in Round Bars, Pipes, Flat Plates, Grinding Stones, and Glass
Weld inspection Spot welds, Laser welds, Rebar welds (Structures), Automatic welds (Bridges, Pressure vessels, etc.) Gas pressure welds, Rail pressure welds , Rail standard welds, Extremely thick welds
Thickness measurement Container bottom plate corrosion wastage measurement Various piping corrosion wastage measurement
Thickness / Length measurement Thickness measurement Lock bolt / Anchor bolt length measurement (fixed length inspection)
Fusion / Adhesion detection Detection of non-fusion area / Detection of unwelded area
Propagation time measurement Application to cable deterioration diagnosis, etc.
Education support Use at School / Research laboratory / Educational institution

Ultrasonic Inspection System for Automobile parts

Automatic ultrasonic inspection system can be customized for each inspection target part.
Please contact our sales for details.
Proposed system Inspection example

Automatic inspection system

Inspection target :
Material, Cast metal, Transmission

Bolt axial force gauges UI-27AF

Inspection target :
Engine head fixing bolts

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