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Super-Light E-40L

Super-Light E-40L


・LED light source life accomplishes approx. 10,000 hours.
 (Conventional metal halide light source is approx. 1,500 hours)
・70W power consumption is less than 1/6 comparing with conventional type.
・Central UV intensity is more than 6,300μW/cm².
・Safe LED light source with less heat.
・Simply replacement of LED light source.


Fluorescent PT and MPT
・For steel, non-ferrous materials, automobile, aircraft etc.

Contamination check
・For electronics parts, PCB, LCD panels etc.

Leak check
・For hydraulic devices, tanks, pipes etc.

Cleaning check

Product Specification

Main Specification
Input voltage AC100-240V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 70W
UV light source UV-LED 5EA
Reactivation period Immediately
UV Intensity Central UV intensity:Over6,300μW/cm2
(Irradiation distance:600mm)
Main path wavelength 365nm ±5nm(LED light source nominal value)
Lifetime of UV light source Approx. 10,000 hours
Dimmer function UV intensity control become possible(20~100%)
Usage environment Ambient temperatures:5~40℃
Relative humidity:20%~80%
Dimension/weight 344W×384D×270H mm Approx. 7.5kg

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