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Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Unit MA-1

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Unit MA-1


・Efficient inspection of large quantity of parts with a few inspectors
・Unit can be selected from 3 types of standard model in accordance with the size of the
 workpiece to be inspected
・Custom design unit is available


Water washable fluorescent penetrant is used

Product Specification

Main Equipment
Penetrant bath with drain table 1 set
Emulsion bath with drain table 1 set
Washing bath with drain table and UV Light D-10B-2 1 set
Dry up equipement - 1 set
Dry development equipment - 1 set
Inspection room with UV Light E-40-2/D-40-2 1 set
Water heater / pressurizer - 1 set

Related Standard

・ASTM-E-1417-99 (MIL-STD-6866D)

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