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Super Glo

Super Glo


・High-brightness fluorescent penetrant for precision inspection
・Not corrosive to all kinds of metals


Fluorescent penetrant

Product Specification

Category Product Name Compatible
with JIS
Penetrant OD-1800N Excellent wastewater treatment and low foaming.
OD-2800N High fluorescent brightness and high sensitivity.
OD-2800II High fluorescent brightness and higher sensitivity than the OD-2800N.
OD-2800III Extremely high fluorescent brightness and optimal for hairline crack detection.
OD-2800T Super high sensitivity type using specially refined materials (Sensitivity level 4). Optimal for flaw detection in nuclear power equipment.
OD-2900III High sensitivity type with less foaming than the OD-2800 III (Sensitivity level 3).
RP-2000C Solvent-removable fluorescent penetrant. Low viscosity makes it optimal for detecting penetration flaws.
OD-20S Water-based fluorescent penetrant to eliminate fire hazard.
OD-50A-II Water-based fluorescent penetrant with low COD value to eliminate fire hazard.
Developer UD-T Quick-drying developer. Optimal for flaw detection in nuclear power equipment.
DN-600P Dry developer. Fine white powder with excellent ultraviolet transmittance. Fluorescent glow of flaw indication allows users to detect minute flaws.
DN-905D Wet developer. Uses fine powder scattered in a fixed amount of water. Shows excellent contrast and provides clear indication of flaws without blurring.
DN-600S Aerosol-type quick-drying developer. Quick drying provides increased penetrant suction force.
Remover AS-T Solvent remover for water washing (water spray). Optimal for flaw detection in nuclear power equipment.
UR-T Solvent remover. Optimal for flaw detection in nuclear power equipment.

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