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Pipe Marking System (Type-Ⅱ)

Pipe Marking System (Type-Ⅱ)


・Fully automatic marking in accordance with the marking data from host computer
・Fast marking cycle and high productivity because of the marking during the pipe is running on
 the conveyor
・Fast response pencil guns spray clear, sharp and uniform dot marking
・Numerals, Alphabets, Symbols and special marks can be marked on full length of pipe
・Multi-line marking and parallel marking of several pipes can be done if multiple marking machines
 are installed

Product Description

This system is installed above the pipe longitudinal transfer conveyor and performs paint marking characters, symbols and special marks at the designated position of the pipe outside surface, while the pipe is being longitudinally transferred on the conveyor, in accordance with the data received from host computer.


For medium and small diameter pipe.
Marking characters etc. while pipe is being transferred

Product Specification

Main Specification
Pipe to be marked Seamless pipe, ERW pipe
Outer Diameter More than 27.0 mm
Pipe Condition Dry, free of water, oil and mill scale
Temperature : Normal temperature
Bend : Less than 4/1000 mm for total length
Marking Specification Marking Type : Paint dot spray type
Color : White
Dot Configuration : 22-dot-matrix
Dot Diameter, Pitch : 2.2 mm
Kind of Character : Numerals, Alphabets, Symbols, Special fonts and marks
Marking Speed Max. 90 m/min.
(Max. 45 m/min. in case of high-density marking)
Paint/Remover Paint : Ecocolor PSG (White)
Remover : Ecocolor Remover G
Main Equipment
Mechanical Equipment
Marking Machine :
Marking Head (22 dots), Marking Head Case,
Nozzle Cleaning Device and others
Approx. 300 W x 350 H x 350 L mm
Pump Unit :
Paint Pump, Remover Pump each 1 set
Approx. 860 W x 1160 H x 800 D mm
Frame and Drive Unit :
Cantilever type frame
Drive unit for Marking Machine:
 Z-axis Upward and Downward movement Speed : 280 mm/sec.
Control Equipment Control Panel, Power Distribution Panel, Driver Panel, Main Operation Panel, Local
Operation Panel 1 set each

Typical Marking Pattern

  • Single end marking

  • Double end marking

  • Repeat marking

Marking Sample



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