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What is NDT / Marking

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Principle of Penetrant Testing

Procedure of PT is usually "Pre-cleaning - Penetrating - Washing - Developing - Observation - Post-cleaning".

Principle of Magnetic Particle Testing

Procedure of MPT is usually "Pre-cleaning - Magnetization - Applying magnetic particle - Observation - Post-cleaning".

Principle of Eddy Current Testing

ECT method is used to find surface and subsurface flaws and to determine characteristics of electrical conducting materials measuring impedance of coil generated by variation of eddy currents.

Principle of Ultraviolet Light

UV Light radiates UV-A (center of wave distribution is 365 nm) and makes fluorescent materials in the flaw indication emit visible light. UV Light is used for fluorescent PT and MPT, contamination check and leak check.


Principle of Character Marking

Marking head with pencil guns arranged in linear is moving relatively on the surface of object with constant distance and sprays paint dots to form characters.

Principle of Identification Marking

Identification marking gun performs one point marking or line marking at the designated position of object according to the command from controller.

Principle of Stamping

Micro-percussion hardened stylus indents the surface of object and marks characters and logos.