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Code of conduct

1. We will observe the laws and ordinances at all times.

   We will carry out fair and transparent corporate activities with sincerity
   by complying with the laws and ordinances inside or outside of Japan.

2. We will carry out actions with sincerity from the standpoint
   of the customers.

   We will accurately understand what customers need based on their
   perspective, thereby making the utmost effort to develop products,
   enhance quality and provide services that satisfy customers with
   reliability on a long-term and continuous basis.

3. We will keep our promises.

   We will comply with the in-house rules, work procedures, predetermined
   rules and promises and conduct our actions in accordance with decency.

4. We will create a workplace with a friendly atmosphere.

   We will keep each other well-informed regarding reports, communications
   and consultations and make the utmost endeavor to practice thorough
   communication of the intentions of each member of the organization.
   We will make a report as soon as possible for corrupt matters in particular
   to solve any issues in the organization.

5. We will conduct our work with politeness and gratitude.

   We will receive issues raised by others with humbleness, help each other
   and consider gratitude to be the most important attitude to adopt.

6. We will carry out actions with a sense of ownership and

   Each of us will have awareness and pride as a professional and base our
   work on our own initiatives to pursue our responsibility to its final end.

7. We will approach challenges with boldness and resolute
   determination while ever-improving our efforts.

   We will not be satisfied with the current state and will seek to discover an
   original idea for improvement. We will not be afraid of failures, and we will
   approach challenges with boldness along with tenacious determination and
   continue to improve ourselves while maintaining our integrity.

 The top management will ensure that business operations are implemented
 based on the code of conduct by taking their own initiative. If any situation
 which infringes upon the code of conduct is recognized, the top management
 member will implement the correction measures.