Providing security and safety to society through quality assurance

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Environmental Policies

In compliance with the corporate philosophy 'Providing security and safety to society through quality assurance', MARKTEC Corporation aims for the environmental preservation through its continued efforts on development of the Eco-products taking safety to human body, reduction of environmental load, resource conservation, energy saving etc. into great consideration.
  1. Precisely keep track of impact on the environment by its business operations of design, development and production of the NDT products and Marking products and related activities.
  2. We will strive to increase production efficiency, reduce levels of stocked products and materials, eliminate slow-moving items, reduce waste and prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Carry out a management which was conscious of environment in the whole group all companies.
  4. Observe environment-related laws, regulations and other requirements relating to its business operations, and make efforts on prevention of environmental pollution to the technically and commercially possible extent.
  5. Consolidate the environmental management organization for promoting the activity on environmental conservation, and cooperate with the interested parties.
  6. Establish and periodically review the environmental goal and action plan, confirm consistency with the Environmental Policies, and continuously improve them.
  7. Execute the internal environmental audit, and enhance voluntary environmental management system.
  8. Publish to the all employees, through intranet, the Environmental Policies, the environmental management system and progress of its implementation, and make it known to everybody.
  9. Insert the Environmental Policies on URL of MARKTEC Corporation and distribute it in written form if it is necessary so that it may be available by general public.

May 22, 2015
MARKTEC Corporation
President & CEO