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Hot Water Fluorescent PT Unit HW-1

Hot Water Fluorescent PT Unit HW-1


Newly developed water based special penetrant
・High sensitivity
・Not applicable of Japanese Fire Prevention Law, PRTR and other environmental regulations
・Less load of drainage treatment facility because of low COD

Compared with conventional PT Unit
・one half of installed space
・two times of inspection capacity
・one half of drainage volume


Washing penetrant by hot water

Product Specification

Main Specification
Workpiece to be inspected Dimension : Max. W700 x D400 x H300 mm
Wight : Max. 30 Kg
Detection process Penetrating : Spraying
Washing : Hot water
Drying : Air blow
Observation : Under UV light
Penetrant Fluorescent penetrant EG-300
Electric power AC 200/220 V±10%, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase
Air source More than 0.4 MPa, 1.0 Nm3/min, connection 40A
Cooling Water Industrial water
Pressure : More than 0.1 MPa
Connection : Supply 25A/Discharge 50A
Electric power consumption Normal 50 KVA
Tact time Approx. 2.5 min.

Main Equipment
Penetrant spray & Air blow L1630 x W1000 x H1800 mm
Rough washing
Finishing washing
L1070 x W1000 x H1800 mm (each bath)
Transfer conveyor L400 x W400 x H400 mm (volume approx. 50 L)
Penetrant supply unit L400 x W400 x H400 mm (volume approx. 50 L)
Circulating water supply unit L1200 x W600 x H410 mm (volume approx. 220 L)
Washing water supply unit L500 x W500 x H800 mm (volume approx. 180 L)
High pressure blower 11 KW, 200 V, 3-phase
Inspection room W1600 x D1500 x H2700 mm with blackout curtain
UV light Super-Light E-40-2

Detection Process


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